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During our visit, we will take a brief tour of your home to become familiar with your cat's routine and favorite hiding places, and find out where you keep items such as food, bowls, litter, litter box, favorite toys, etc.

We'll bring  our new client Welcome Packet  containing our Client Information Form, Visit Checklist, Service Agreement, Veterinary Release Form, and Key Handling Agreement.  These forms are available for download prior to our visit (see Forms link below).  If you decide to hire us, the forms should be completed, signed and returned to us.  At that time, we'll also need a set of your house keys.  You can provide payment then or on the first day of service.

Mr. Orange Cat (neighborhood kitty)


Koddled Kitty Cat Sitting Services offers you a free 30-minute, no-obligation, in home consultation.  The purpose of this "meet and greet" is to get acquainted with you and your pets, and discuss the items on our Visit Checklist. We want to make sure nothing is overlooked so we can provide the best possible care.